Hestia Control Panel (Hestia CP) is a powerful open-source web hosting control panel that simplifies the management of websites, domains, and email accounts. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, Hestia CP provides users a seamless hosting experience. In this article, we will walk you through the process of installing Hestia CP on an Ubuntu server and guide you on adding domains and email accounts to your hosting environment.

Step 1: Preparing the Ubuntu Server

  1. Before installing Hestia CP, it is essential to ensure that your Ubuntu server is properly prepared. Begin by launching an Ubuntu server instance or ensuring that you have administrative access to an existing Ubuntu server.
  2. Establish an SSH connection to the server using a tool like PuTTY or the terminal.
  3. Once connected, update the system packages by running the command ‘sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y‘. This command will update the system’s package repositories and install any available updates.
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Step 2: Installing Hestia CP

1. To install Hestia CP, you need to add the Hestia CP repository. This can be achieved by executing the command:

wget -O

2. By doing this, you retrieve the installation script for Hestia CP. After downloading the script, make it executable with the command:

chmod +x

3. Initiate the installation process by running:

sudo bash

4. During the installation, you will be prompted to configure the panel, including setting a hostname and choosing a control panel admin password. Follow the instructions provided by the installation script to complete the installation successfully.

Step 3: Accessing Hestia CP

  1. Once the installation is complete, access the Hestia CP web interface by entering the server’s IP address or domain name followed by “:8083” in your web browser (e.g.,
  2. Enter the admin username and the password you set during the installation to log in to the control panel.

Step 4: Adding Domains

  1. In Hestia CP’s user-friendly dashboard, navigate to the “Web” section.
  2. Click on the “Add Web Domain” button.
  3. Enter the domain name and configure the desired settings, such as the PHP version and SSL/TLS options.
  4. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click “Save” to add the domain to your hosting environment. Hestia CP will automatically generate the required configuration files and set up the webserver accordingly.

Step 5: Setting Up Email Accounts

  1. In the Hestia CP dashboard, go to the “Mail” section.
  2. Click on the “Add Mail Domain” button.
  3. Enter the domain name for which you want to set up email accounts.
  4. Once the domain is added, navigate to the “Mail” section again and click on the domain you just added.
  5. Click on the “Add Mail Account” button.
  6. Provide the required information, such as the email address, password, and mailbox quota.
  7. Click “Save” to create the email account.


Installing Hestia CP on an Ubuntu server and managing your hosting environment with ease is made possible by following the step-by-step instructions provided in this comprehensive guide. By adhering to the installation process, you can successfully set up Hestia CP and gain access to its powerful control panel features. Adding domains and creating email accounts within Hestia CP is a straightforward process that allows you to tailor your hosting environment to your specific needs. With Hestia CP’s user-friendly interface and extensive capabilities, you can efficiently manage your websites, domains, and email accounts, creating a robust hosting environment.